Becoming A Self Empowered Empath

Are You An Empath Struggling To Manage The Energies Around You?

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What is the 6-BASE System?

Are you an empath that is struggling with energy vampires, narcissistic abuse, codependency or basic energy management? If so, our program may be just what you are looking for. To determine if it is for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Every single one of our levels, whether it is Silver, Gold or Platinum contains the base core 12 week program. This 12 week program helps you to go discover who the energy vampires are around you and then learn how you can protect your energy and power up. You do also have the option at checkout to add any of our 4 week coaching packages on (saving big $$$) which will be tapped on to the end of your 12 week program. You can choose from programs that help you delve into the areas of Co-Dependency/Narcissistic Abuse, Boundary Setting, Identity/Confidence/Self Worth, Love for Empaths, Healing Inner Child Trauma and Toxic Emotions and Psychic Self Defence on a much deeper level AND through our Gold or Platinum package you can also get the weekly group and one on one coaching with Lisa and Jen.

($397 each consisting of weekly calls, roundtable discussion and supplemental materials)