About Me

I am a highly authentic person who for over four years has had a special passion for empowering and serving business leaders, entrepreneurs in various industries, sales executives, coaches, authors, speakers, and others, taking their business and life to another level. For many years, I have seen people aspiring to make changes and grow but struggled at different phases of their career and life. I am just like you, a regular person that has faced similar struggles and I share from experience what has worked successfully through hard work and dedication to help in your challenges.

While I have experienced much success over a 26 year career as a Senior Sales Executive selling media, aircraft, investing in businesses, and implementing residual income platforms, there also been major setbacks such as dealing with 12 years of addiction and battling with my own demons. Eventually, I found a way to address the addiction and issues that held me back from experiencing a higher level of prosperity where health & wealth are in alignment. This led to my mission to share and empower others to do the same so their businesses and personal lives could truly experience the meaning of prosperity on all levels.

The solution always evolves out of the problem or challenge. The issue is that many people operate their business and lives in the effect of the “root cause” of their problems. They manage the effect but do not address the “root cause”. As a coach and accountability partner I work together with my clients to address their “root cause” then release it over time creating new and healthier habits that lead to prosperity in all areas.

I also deliver world-class content to audiences as a speaker that is high-impact which shifts people toward positive action. The focus is on the “root cause” that leads to changes and results, thus moves the audience toward improving their business and personal life. Always coming from the heart and personal experience, the audience is able to draw their own conclusions as to what is required of themselves to come out of their comfort zone and strive toward prosperity.

Unlike seminars or programs that scratch the surface, the focus is always on the audience to make changes by addressing the “root cause” that holds back their greatness. I am 100% committed to SERVING & TRAINING the audience versus SELLING just products and services.

Chris and Jen met during her Superconscious Success Summit in 2021 and became friends ever since. They are creating a brand together called “Peace and Prosperity”, and within that brand an exciting new collaborative project called 9-ATP. This program brings together all of his knowledge on the business/health/wealth side of things and Jen’s knowledge on the spirituality/manifestation/emotions side of things to create the most awesome intensive and program.

My Specialties

I am an executive coach, corporate trainer, keynote speaker, award winning author and radio show host whose purpose is to help you build a success foundation to scale your life and business with the right set of core values, principles, habits and disciplines.