About Me

One of my favorite things to share with others is that we’re all in school together! Our earth, she says, is a “Giant School,” to which we’ve all come to learn and grow. In this Giant School, the name of our “teacher” is Experience! Every time we have an experience, we have an Opportunity–to learn and grow.


I have worked for years to help myself and others to know and understand this system, and learn their personal “lessons.” I’ve been a Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, a 13-year radio show creator/host, author, teacher, Transformation Specialist, and global speaker, sharing the message that Emotions are designed as Helpers in learning life’s lessons, brought to us through our experiences. I show people how to Partner with these Helpers.


Now in her late-70’s, I have had amazing opportunities and incredible experiences (see below), which have helped her empathize with others, know their struggles very personally, and be a leader in assisting with people’s learning. On the earth, we must go through something in order to get beyond it. I have found my way through and out, have helped thousands of clients, audience members and readers to find their way through and out, too, and I love to support people as they transform in this way, too.


I am a Recovered Angry Person, whose own journey out of the wilderness of overwhelming anger led me to identify and develop a system for working with anger and all emotions, which I call Mastering Emotions. Knowing we cannot actually get rid of emotions, I no longer “do” anger, jealousy, loneliness, fear, guilt or shame. I am now the Master of Emotions, and therefore emotions enhance my daily life, and no longer tyrannically run me! I seek to offer this level of freedom to all who want to follow my leadership.

Ilene is a survivor of childhood abandonment, incest and abuse. As a military dependent, I have lived in 11 residences and attended 14 schools by High School graduation. My life is testament that such things are merely learning experiences, and do not have to maintain a lifetime hold over us. PTSD occurs when the energy of emotions is not allowed to move. Emotional Mastery allows us to move it, even energy that’s been stored for decades, resulting in trauma-free living.


My Specialties

I am an expert on emotional mastery and I am the founder of emotional mastery for life.