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Are you an entrepreneur that is struggling to maintain harmony in your life? Do you feel like you are drowning in one or more areas and just need a little help to reharmonise the 9 different areas of our 9 Anchor Transformational Process. If so, Chris and Jen have converted their 3 day intensive into a course for you to work your way through and begin to see a change in not only your perceptions but your level of calm in your life.

Included in the Course
Lifetime Access to the Course
Workbook (108 pages with summaries and tasks to do)
Audio #1 - Increasing Your Wealth Consciousness
Audio #2 - Increasing Abundance
BONUS #1 - Audio #3 - Raise Self Esteem and Self Love
BONUS #2 - Audio #4 - Overcome Imposter Syndrome
BONUS #3 - 1 Introductory Coaching Session with Jen and Chris ($800 Value)
BONUS #4 - 1 Group Call on the 30th December to Offer Feedback and Decide "Where To Next" ($400 Value)

Completing this course will help you:

Who is thIS course for?

This course is for you if you are a Man or Woman Who Is Overwhelmed, Super Stressed, Out of Balance or Desiring More Freedom In Your Life.

Who is thIS course NOT for?

Learning Path

In this first set of videos you will meet Jen and Chris, as well as learn about the program:

  • Module #1 – Introduction to Jen
  • Module #2 – Introduction to Chris
  • Module #3 – Introduction to the Course.

When deciding on the curriculum for this course it was obvious that the first anchor has to be spirituality. We know that when some people hear this it may frighten them off due to previous experience with religion. However, Jen is a spiritual life coach that prides herself on her connection with her higher self and source and so does not follow the religious dogma that may have people running in the opposite direction. Every religion has something to offer but Jen believes that we are all one and by building your spiritual connection you can amplify the success, health and love in your life, with minimal stress and maximal ease. In this lesson Jen takes you through how you can connect with the divine and your higher self so you can follow your intuition and achieve true success.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #4 – The 3 Dimensions of Reality;
  • Module #5 – Ego Self Versus Higher Self;
  • Module #6 – Connecting with your Higher Self;
  • Module #7 – Connecting with the Divine.

Total Video: 52 mins 37 secs

Jen is so excited to be bringing this lesson to you on manifestation. When you align yourself with that of the universal laws then you can manifest anything you desire in your life. When we live on this 3D plane of struggle and hustle we often forget that there is something so much bigger out there that is controlling your reality. In this lesson Jen takes you through her 7 step manifestation process that she has used to bring abundance into her life.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #8 – Introduction to Quantum Physics and it’s role in Manifestation;
  • Module #9 – Utilising the 20 Laws of the Universe;
  • Module #10 – The 6 Powers that must be present for manifestation to happen;
  • Module #11 – Our 7 Step Manifestation Process.

Total Video: 2 hrs 10 mins

Is your business not thriving as much as you would like it to? Do you struggle to drag yourself in every day, feeling like maybe you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing? Would you like more clients than you have right now? If so, then Chris is going to really help you out with this lesson. Here you will discover your passions, purpose and missions, as well as alter those beliefs that are holding you back.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #12 – The 3 Minds – Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious;
  • Module #13 – Turning Your Fixed Mindset into a Growth Mindset;
  • Module #14 – Discover Your Passions, Purpose and Mission;
  • Module #15 – Discover and Alter Your Limited Beliefs and Attitudes for Success.

Total Video: 1 hr 1 min 18 secs.

Do you struggle with trauma and flashbacks that are interfering with your success? Do you find yourself flying off the handle everytime something doesn’t go your way? Do you have issues with managing your emotions? If so, this lesson is a very important one to check out. In this lesson Jen takes you through figuring out who you are, building your self esteem and self worth and then healing that inner child that was hurt. After that, you will learn how to move up that emotional scale so you can begin living in joy rather than fear.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #16 – Discover your identity and begin to build your self esteem/self worth;
  • Module #17 – Healing the inner child;
  • Module #18 – Manage your emotions to manifest greatness;
  • Module #19 – Moving up the emotional scale and living in joy rather than fear.

Total Video: 38 min 19 secs.

If you were to look at your work desk or your work environment, would it make you feel productive? Are you surrounded by endless amounts of paperwork and clutter that is interrupting your ability to think clearly? If so, then this lesson is definitely going to help you out. Did you know that everything is energy and so when energy is stagnant then your level of wealth, success and health will be compromised. In this lesson Jen takes you through what she believes is one of the most under-acknowledged aspects when it comes to stress and inability to manifest and that is your environment.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #20 – Space Clearing;
  • Module #21 – Decluttering;
  • Module #22 – Organising;
  • Module #23 – Feng Shui.

Total Video: 24 min 38 secs.

One aspect that can often plague entrepreneurs and busy business people is the decline in health that can happen. Without our health then not only is our productivity influenced, but our energy levels too. In this lesson, Chris takes you through how you can obtain better health and start maximising your impact.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #24 – Introduction to Quantum Healing;
  • Module #25 – Managing Stress;
  • Module #26 – Optimising your Nutrition for Peak Performance;
  • Module #27 – Maximising your fitness for Peak Performance.

Total Video: 49 min 55 secs.

We assume that as you are working very hard to build a successful business that you are interested in creating wealth. It’s important to understand the concept behind money and why whether we are wealthy or not is a result of our pre-programmed beliefs and our level of wealth consciousness. In this lesson, Jen and Chris both take you through changing your poverty consciousness to one of wealth, as well as some interesting techniques you can utilise to start attracting money into your life.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #28 – Myths surrounding money;
  • Module #29 – Moving from a poverty consciousness to a wealth consciousness;
  • Module #30 – Techniques to attract money;
  • Module #31 – Philanthropy – How it can change your life.

Total Video: 45 min 31 secs.

One anchor in your life that can suffer when you are a successful entrepreneur or business owner is that of relationships. For this reason, Jen and Chris come together to both offer you valuable insight into building healthy relationships. Chris shows you how you can not only maintain a healthy relationship with your husband/wife/partner but also move out of a codependent/narcissistic relationship to one that is healthier. Jen takes you through how you can become a conscious parent and construct a healthy relationship with your children and also build that powerful relationship with your higher self that will allow you to thrive with all your other relationships.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #32 – The Power of Connection;
  • Module #33 – Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse;
  • Module #34 – Happy Marriages;
  • Module #35 – Conscious Parenting – What Does It Mean?

Total Video: 53 min 17 secs.

OK so as our last anchor, Chris is going to take you through figuring out if your business is aligned and then how you can build effective communication within your team that promotes the most productivity and results.

This lesson is split up into 4 modules:

  • Module #36 – Is My Business Aligned;
  • Module #37 – Effective Communication;
  • Module #38 – Powerful Platforms to Share Your Gifts;
  • Module #39 – Setting up your first Business Plan.

Total Video: 48 min 30 secs.

So now we have come to the end of this course. You have learnt all about how to tap into your higher self and develop intuition to guide your success, how to implement the 7 step manifestation process and become a manifestation pro, how to alter your mindset to one of success instead of one of lack, how to get a handle on your emotions and build your self esteem/self worth, how to optimise your environment for success, how to take control of your health and wellness so you can thrive, how to change your beliefs around money and start manifesting more of it into your life, how to build healthy relationships with all of your loved ones and how to optimise your business success. Now we come to the final module which is where we tell you where you can go to now if you are wanting to expand your 9 anchors and thrive on an even greater scale.


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