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Have you heard about your higher self but you are not quite sure what it is and how you can access it?

The higher self is the bigger, nonphysical part of you that is awakened and is 100% aware of what lies beyond our physical reality. The higher self is aware of the hidden aspects of us that our conscious self does not recognise and is pure, unconditional love.

Are you ready to embark on a life-altering journey of self-discovery and transcendence? Welcome to our transformative course, where you’ll learn to connect with your higher self through the profound force of love. Get ready to experience a level of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth like never before!


  • Begin your journey by delving into the essence of your higher self, that inner wisdom waiting to guide you towards your true purpose.
  • Understand the nuances that distinguish your higher self from the universal source, unlocking a deeper understanding of your unique spiritual connection.
  • Discover the incredible advantages of aligning with your higher self, including enhanced intuition, clarity, and a profound sense of inner peace.
  • Learn the telltale signs of a harmonious connection with your higher self, ensuring you remain on the path of spiritual growth.
  • Identify and overcome the obstacles that have held you back from accessing your inner wisdom, ensuring you can move forward with clarity and purpose.
  • Dive into a comprehensive methodology that will guide you step-by-step toward establishing a profound connection with your higher self. These proven techniques will empower you to harness the immense potential within.


Jennifer Matthews

Jennifer Matthews

Hi there, I am the founder of Superconscious Success, The Self Empowered Empath and The Enlightened Wellness Academy and as a spiritual life coach, naturopath and empowered empath facilitator, I aim to bring you courses and content that will help you live your absolutely best life, discover the truth about your souls purpose, connect with spirit and your higher self and of course begin to stand in your power. My purpose in life is to bring love and light to all that need it and through my life experiences of completing karmic contracts, powering up after narcissistic and tumultuous experiences and ascending to the higher dimensions, I am excited to help you do the same.


Eleni Yiambilis

Eleni Yiambilis

Hello! I am Eleni, founder of I am a motivational public speaker and certified Life and Thought Process Coach with an extensive background in the health and wellness industry. Now with the release of “Women who Illuminate” I am gratefully titled an International Best Selling Author. I have found my calling and passion in empowering individuals to shatter self limiting beliefs and behaviors by changing the ways in which they process situations and thoughts.