Skill Level

44 min





Setting boundaries is possibly one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. It is a real act of self respect and self care and is a critical step to personal transformation.

A boundary honors our values, self-respect and self-worth and as it is important that other people respect our boundaries, we must also respect theirs. Boundaries define the way that we respond to the needs, thoughts, feelings and behaviors of other people and it is a set of rules and guidelines that help us to create reasonable, safe and appropriate ways for people to connect with us socially, physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. It allows us to figure out what we say yes to and what we say no to.

They are the rules the we use to figure out how to let people interact with us and what we do when someone oversteps those boundaries. We are in charge of our boundaries and it is on us to set and maintain them, not to expect others to do it. By drawing the line, you are able to protect yourself from being taken advantage of by others, as well as ensuring that others meet your needs also.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

  • You are in a co-dependent narcissistic relationship;
  • You are an empath that is struggling to set boundaries;
  • You are a parent that is having a hard time setting limits with your children;
  • You are dealing with a loss of self worth and self love and you struggle to put yourself first; and
  • You simply need to power up.