MEDITATION MASTERY for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Are You Confused About How To Meditate? Would you like a step by step process to get you started? Would you like to meditate with others? If so, then our meditation mastery mastermind is for you...

Every Friday at 9am EST, we will facilitate a live meditation within a designated zoom room. These meditations are different each week but will all help you ascend to the higher realms and connect with your higher self and interdimensional beings.

If you are to ascend spiritually and manifest the life of your dreams, you must ensure your chakras are balanced. Within our membership, you will get access to a set of chakra balancing meditations that you can use to balance all the different chakras.

The New Moon & Full Moon are some of the most powerful times to manifest your dream life & activate the power within you. In this membership, we will have a special live meditation on each moon specifically for setting intentions & letting go.

Every week we will be uploading a new guided meditation track on different topics, including business, personal development, timelines, regression, health, wealth creation, visualisation & more. These will all be added into your meditation library.

Each month we will give you free access to one of our micro courses. These courses may include ones on meditation, connecting with your higher self, building self worth and self esteem, increasing your channelling and more…